Joseph Ribkoff Brand Guide


The Joseph Ribkoff brand is one of the leading brands in womenswear fashion in the Canadian market. Joseph Ribkoff started humbly aged only 21 years old in 1957. These days the pioneering force of the company remains strong and continues to innovate creating new quality trends and styles for women across the world. Having once thrived in Canada, Joseph Ribkoff now sells in over sixty-four international markets supported by almost sixty years experience in the fashion industry.

An integral partner in the company is CEO John Ferraro. Being in business for over twenty years, Ferraro has been crucial in boosting the label to the levels of commercial success it receives today. John has not only presented Joseph Ribkoff in the global market but has revolutionised the brand to new heights in order to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the modern Joseph Ribkoff consumer.

Quality And Fit

Since the label’s start in the 50’s Joseph Ribkoff has designed collections for women around the world who want quality and ease of wear to complement their busy lifestyles. They have done this with great financial success and aim to be constantly evolving to meet the needs of the modern woman. Joseph Ribkoff stands out as a leading designer in the Canadian fashion industry for showcasing quality, a fit true to size and an iconic look in all of it’s garments. Almost all Joseph Ribkoff is designed and made in Canada keeping the brand close to it’s origins.

One of the Joseph Ribkoff brand’s most iconic features is being true to fit and thus able to suit a large variety of feminine body types. It’s garments are constructed in a way which accentuates attributes and discreetly hides flaws. This is achieved by using a range of patented fitted fabrics, accurate stitching including the precise use of darts and cinched waists to accentuate and well-placed draping, ruching, and lining to conceal imperfections. This ensured the Joseph Ribkoff lady can feel confident and comfortable no matter what her size. It is said that Ribkoff’s ability for cater for all and to guarantee a correct and uniform size guide across all collections is what sets the label apart from other high-street fashions. The sheer amount of attention to each piece is what truly makes consumers return for more time and time again.


Famous within the label is the large array of fabrics used in production, the company’s own ‘Silky Knit’ is most well known and featured prominently in all the collections. Also popular is the ‘Scuba’ fabric which features in many Joseph Ribkoff dresses, it is a particularly forgiving material that gives a soft stretch feel to the garments. Due to the attention is given to the material it can also be said that the Joseph Ribkoff brand has as much of a distinguishable feel as look.

Use Of Colour

Another thing to consider when evaluating the brand’s success is its celebrated use of colour within the seasonal lines and the Joseph Ribkoff label itself. When you think of Ribkoff the first thing that comes to mind is the stylish monochrome logo. This same black and white colour scheme is hailed throughout ch collection’s clothing and because of the brand’s initiative design these colours are a staple in both Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. These hues allow for an essential element to the brand, they can be dressed up or dressed down to create a variety of outfits ideal for either casual or occasion wear. The durable construction of the garments means that the tones never fade allowing for hundreds of wears without concern. The presence of solid black and white also allows the brand to be identified all around the world, which is a goal of Ribkoff. However, Joseph Ribkoff should not be thought of as a one-trick pony when it comes to the colour. Particularly seen within the Spring/Summer collection a range of vibrant colours are used by the brand to catch the eye and captivate the consumer. The colours, such as electric pink in Spring/Summer 2017 are often striking and lend themselves to the cruise wear element of the company. Again this decisive use of colour only adds to the trans-seasonal notability of the label, which is what the consumer aims for when wearing Ribkoff. A common style for Joseph Ribkoff is a modern twist on the traditional ‘little black dress’ idea where the garment is given additional flare by integrating colourful prints as an enhancement.

Innovative Designs And Styles

A lot of Joseph Ribkoff is specifically designed with holiday and cruise wear in mind. The collections are well known for being ‘easy wash, easy wear’ and one the brands main selling points is that no ironing or dry cleaning is ever required, this is again due to the well-designed fabrics and manufacturing process. These attributes mean the clothes are easily thrown in a suitcase and wore without the hassle of finding an iron or dry cleaner whilst on holiday. Another selling point for the brand is, therefore, an in-depth customer understanding and a strive for quality.

After sixty years of experience, Joseph Ribkoff has developed a keen knowledge of what the modern woman wants and by using algorithms they can astutely predict and monitor what the hot trends of the season are going to be, therefore meeting the growing demand always.

Joesph Ribkoff is known for being trans-seasonal, it can be worn in ‘January or June’ and the company even sells the same styles around the world despite the differences in the season. This is due to the versatility of each outfit within the collection.

Being a multi-dimensional brand Ribkoff is also able to transcend the age barrier. Many of the garments are suitable aged ‘nineteen or ninety’ thanks to the innovative designs which can meet the needs of both women.

Ribkoff collections are made to be show stoppers, so that the wearer can make an exit as well as an entrance. This entails large back detailing, diamante embellishments, often around the neckline, and metallic accents whenever called for. This adds a glamorous eye-catching appeal to the brand.

With stockists appearing all of the world and business ever-expanding it is no surprise that the Joseph Ribkoff brand has such a following with the label often being worn by celebrities such as Miss America, spotted on cruise ships, and shown off at weddings around the world.